Japanese Gardens

Japanese Gardens

  • Enjoy the restful experience of a Japanese Garden.
  • Natural sounds or music.
  • Continuous Play for endless relaxation on your television.
  • Nine different tracks to enjoy, including films and natural decoration.

The Japanese have meditation and quiet contemplation down to a fine art. Their superb gardens with sculptures, stones and fascinating plants are a joy to visit and always help you to achieve a relaxed mental state. The gentle sound of running water is very important in any Japanese Garden, and water features and ponds form a big part of this relaxing DVD. ~ Filmed almost entirely in Japan, the Japanese Gardens DVD has 2 films with Japanese-inspired music plus a film of longer, slowly-changing images set to the sounds of nature. A further 6 tracks show six different Japanese garden scenes for use as natural decoration, or as an aid to meditation, and these can be played with either music or natural sounds. ~ The Japanese Gardens DVD was filmed using high-definition cameras and professional audio equipment, offering viewers great sound and picture quality. All the tracks are programmed to repeat automatically, making it ideal for use in spas, health clubs and waiting rooms, and the Play All functions and continuous play features allow relaxation without interruption. Please note: Non-profit public screenings of this DVD are allowed for churches and small companies (less than 25 staff) which have up to 4 TV screens up to 40 inches wide, free of any extra charge.

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