Corona Clipper TP 6870 14-Foot Compound Action 1-1/4-Inch Capacity Tree Pruner

Corona Clipper TP 6870 14-Foot Compound Action 1-1/4-Inch Capacity Tree Pruner

  • Ideal pruner for heavy-duty orchard pruning
  • 14-foot compound action tree pruner with Teflon coated steel blade
  • Comfortable 24-inch foam grip
  • Exclusive powerglide rope pull system and curved 13-inch razor tooth saw blade
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The Corona Clipper professional 14-foot compound action tree pruner features a high-strength zinc-alloy pruning head and a fully heat-treated, high carbon Teflon coated steel blade. Sporting a large 1-1/4-inch diameter cutting capacity and a heavy duty chain-drive compound action pulley system that triples your cutting power, this tree pruner is an ideal choice for personal or professional use. The unit also features an exclusive powerglide rope pull system and curved 13-inch razor-sharp conventional saw that maximizes pruning versatility. Other features include a comfortable 24-inch foam grip and a lightweight telescoping fiberglass pole that can adjust from 7-feet to 14-feet. The pole also features a twist-lock adjustment for quick and safe pole adjustment. The pruner carries a limited lifetime warranty.What do you get when you cross an alligator and a giraffe? We’re not sure either, but we bet it resembles the Corona Clipper 14-foot Professional Compound Action tree pruner. With a reach of up to 14 feet and a heat-treated, high-carbon cutlery steel blade, this mighty tool will meet the needs of even the most hardcore arborists. The cutting power is provided by this pruner’s heavy-duty, chain-drive, compound-action pulley system, which effectively triples your cutting power. The angled zinc-alloy pruning head allows you to hook and cut branches up to 1-1/4 inches in diameter more easily. Operated by Corona Clipper’s exclusive PowerGlide rope-pull system, the shearing action cuts cleanly and resists binding.

Need to cut a branch that’s a bit thicker? You’ll be yelling “Timber” in no time thanks to the curved 13-inch razor-tooth saw blade. With teeth sharpened on three sides, this saw blade cuts on both the up and the down stroke, and enables you to cut twice as quickly as conventional blades. The lightweight and sturdy fiberglass pole telescopes from 7 to 14 feet, allowing for maximum reach, includes an internal stop that keeps the poles from separating, and ends with a comfortable 24-inch foam grip.

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