Water Clarity Secrets for Ponds and Water Gardens: The Quick and Easy Way to Crystal Clear Water (Water Garden Masters Series) Reviews

Water Clarity Secrets for Ponds and Water Gardens: The Quick and Easy Way to Crystal Clear Water (Water Garden Masters Series)

The battle over green water, brown water, cloudy water, string algae, ammonia, fish pollution and debris is finally over!

Water Clarity Secrets for Ponds and Water Gardens is dense with surprising insider secrets and advice for eliminating and preventing ANY water quality issue you’ll ever face with your water garden or koi pond.

As you’ll see, once you know how to tackle and prevent these frustrating water quality issues, it’s almost effortless to keep your pond water absolutely crystal clear.

This is an exclusive, intelligently structured interview with one of America’s top water clarity experts, Ken Rust. Here’s what people are saying about him:

“As a manufacturer of fountains and aerators, I can tell you that when it comes to water quality, Ken knows what to do and what not to do. He especially understands the importance of limiting nutrients to protect the aquatic life in a water garden… and I would recommend him to anyone.”
Bob Robinson
Director of Marketing, Kasco Marine
Prescott, WI

“I’ve built several water gardens with Ken Rust, and I’ve never seen anybody build a better water garden than Ken… And he’s is as honest as the day is long. He really knows his stuff and can explain it in simple terms without overwhelming you with technical jargon. He’d be a real asset to anybody looking for information on water gardens.”
Chip Bruney
Owner, Water Gardens by Bruney
Columbia, SC

The streamlined interview format keeps this book focused on the problems, solutions and valuable techniques you need to know to keep your pond water healthy and sparkling clean with minimum fuss.


* The 4 types of poor water quality and how they originate

* One type of filter you should never use in your pond and why

* How you can easily conquer ANY water quality problem year-round with minimal effort

* The truth about pond chemicals. Discover what’s safe and what’s not

* Ken’s favorite “miracle product” that kills algae, adds oxygen, and scours hard to reach ‘nooks and crannies’… pulling debris to the water’s surface for quick and easy removal!

* How to crack the whip on parasites, algae, bacteria, viruses and protozoans – all without killing the good bacteria

* A revolutionary device that automatically keeps leaves, pine needles and other debris out of your pond – without tedious manual labor

* 3 types of water filtration and their unique advantages

* A cheap and safe “trick” to speed up the bacteria growth for a more effective filter

* 4 Qualities of an effective bio filter

* What you need to know about the “filter maturing process” to avoid needless frustration

* 2 safe alternatives to barley straw – just as effective at controlling algae, yet easier to use and totally hidden from view

* A cheap filter medium that may be more trouble than it’s worth (plus Ken’s favorite filter medium)

* Why you should stock your pond with fish in Summer, not Winter

* Save time, money and headaches with Ken’s low-cost alternative to pond vacuums

* The 3-Day Rule: when you should never run your UV filter

* Why “over cleaning” your filter can actually do more harm than good (and the ideal cleaning frequency for different filter types)

* What to do if your pressurized filter shuts off for 48 hours or more. Warning: DO NOT turn on your filter without this vital step

* How to keep your pH level in balance (and your fish happy)

* And much, much more

Water Clarity Secrets reveals easy-to-follow advice, so you can pinpoint your water quality problems and eliminate them forever.

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