Triple Speaker Commercial Rodent Repeller

Triple Speaker Commercial Rodent Repeller

  • Triple Speaker For 180 Degrees of Signal Blast
  • Non Toxic Rodent Control Sounds Like A Jack Hammer to Rats and Mice
  • Ultrasonic signal constantly modulates between 32 and 62 kHz so rodents cannot adapt!
  • Operates on average on less than .20 cents per month.
  • Powerful 110db output as measured from one meter distance from the speaker.

Triple Speaker Commercial Rodent Repeller Safe & Highly Effective Non-toxic AgriZap(R) Triple Speaker Commercial Rodent Repeller broadcasts a highly complex intense sound that creates an environment hostile to rodents. Mice and rats will naturally try to avoid taking up residency and nesting in the affected space. This rodent repeller broadcasts at a range of approximately 110db measured at 1 meter from the speaker. This unit is intended for commercial use and warehouse settings, but also works well in residential environments where maximum coverage is desired. This 180 degree sound dispersion pattern allows better coverage along walls, where rodents like to travel and, when located next to doors, will provide more effective coverage of those entry points. Rodents easily hear the sound generated in rooms up to approximately 800 square feet of unobstructed space. Rodents however, cannot adapt to the complex signal that is constantly changing, which may increase the effectiveness of this pest chaser. Please be aware that the physical properties of ultrasonic sound prevent ultrasonic sound waves from penetrating solid objects like walls and floors. The rodent repeller will not be effective if placed behind furniture. For maximum effectiveness, place one rodent repeller in each room. Ultrasonic waves are highly directional and will bounce off of hard surfaces to fill an enclosed area with high-intensity echoes. Hard surfaces are cement, brick, glass, tile, etc. On the other hand, ultrasound is absorbed and dampened by soft surfaces, such as hay bales, feed sacks, stacked linens, etc. Environmentally safe and silent to humans and pets Operates on average on less than .20 cents/month for 800- 1000 Feet of Space Measures 4.4 x 2.8 x 3.4 inches Ships Quickly!

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