The Perelandra Garden

The Perelandra Garden

The Perelandra garden comes alive as you join Machaelle Wright for a full personal tour. This spectacular video is both beautiful and informative. Learn the principles of co-creative science as demonstrated in the Perelandra garden since 1976. Hear about its history and development, and learn how Machaelle worked with nature to create it. You will receive valuable information for working with nature in your own garden, farm, atrium, greenhouse or landscape. This unusual talk and tour brings the Perelandra Garden Workbooks to life.


* The development of the garden from planning to planting maintenance to putting the garden to bed
* The history of the Perelandra garden
* How to get information directly from nature
* Processes needed for working in partnership with nature to achieve and maintain balance in the garden
* A demonstration of the Troubleshooting Process
* Organizational tools
* Charts: When and how to use them and how to design them
* Using kinesiology to get information directly from nature: How it works, how to do it and several testing demonstrations by Machaelle
* Information about focal points
* A personal discussion about what it has been like for Machaelle to work in this unusual and exciting partnership with nature and what a partnership with nature can give you in your life

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