The Biodome Garden Book: The only greenhouse design that needs no electrical ventilation or humidifying system.

The Biodome Garden Book: The only greenhouse design that needs no electrical ventilation or humidifying system.

A VERY COMPLEX ECOSYSTEM HOUSED IN A VERY SIMPLE DESIGN FOR PHOTOS AND INFORMATION ABOUT THE BIODOME GARDEN GO TO: The modern day homesteaders guide to building a low energy, earth friendly, self contained, passive solar BIODOME GARDEN and aquaculture unit that extends the vegetable growing season by several months to year-around, depending on the area of the country. With over a hundred photographs as well as several diagrams, THE BIODOME GARDEN BOOK describes how to construct and maintain a unique passive solar greenhouse and aquaculture unit with a naturally humidified, wind-powered ventilation system that requires no electricity, though one electrical outlet is needed for the pump in fish tank. Unlike the usual flimsy greenhouse structure, the BIODOME GARDEN is a design of superior strength, engineered with a high degree of structural integrity–an organic system capable of supplying animal and vegetable protein and nutrients, while also absorbing, storing, and radiating heat for a moisture-retaining, weed-free, “potting soil” garden. For more information on the book, including numerous photographs, please visit the BIODOME GARDEN website above. SPECIAL NOTE: A 900 gallon fiberglass fish tank with 1/2″ thick walls and a center floor drain, and 16′ diameter fiberglass dome designed specifically for the BIODOME GARDEN, which will include a walk-through door and two large side vents, will both be available for purchase in the near future. If interested, please go to to add your name to a waiting list for notification when the dome and fish tank are available. Your privacy is important, and your email address will not be used for any other purpose. B&W edition .95 (ISBN: 1463757360) Color edition .95 (ISBN: 1463757018) NOTE: For gardeners who do not want to pursue gardening in a greenhouse, but still want to enjoy the benefits of weed-free, pesticide-free, organic gardening, please see the book, WAIST-LEVEL GARDENING, also available on Amazon.

Gardman R688 Walk-In Greenhouse

  • Construct a temporary greenhouse right in your own backyard
  • Polycarbonate glazing much safer than glass, providing safety to your kids and pets
  • Galvanized steel and aluminum frame is coated after drilling
  • Easy to assemble or take down within minutes
  • Measures 49 x 75 x 75 inches; weighs 18.2 pounds

Extend your growing season with a Gardman Complete Walk-In Greenhouse Kit. A greenhouse offers the plant enthusiast the advantage of earlier blooms and crops. Its controlled environment will allow your plants to thrive in a more even temperature and is perfect for cheating the weather. This kit includes everything needed to construct a walk-in greenhouse. The innovative polycarbonate glazing is safer than glass, offering no danger to children or pets. The glazing’s twin-wall design is excellent for insulating and diffuses light to prevent scorching of young and delicate plants. The galvanized steel frame and aluminum frame are coated after drilling to leave no untreated edges behind. The steel base bolts together securely to form a stable, level foundation, while its thick metal creates five extra inches of head room. The Gardman Complete Walk-In Greenhouse will form the perfect safe haven for your plants. Install this greenhouse on a level surface to ensure proper assembly.

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