Smith & Hawken: The Book of Outdoor Gardening

Smith & Hawken: The Book of Outdoor Gardening

From Smith & Hawken, and now with a striking new cover, here is a book that offers a distinctly American approach to the art, craft, and pastime of gardening. Embracing British perennial beds, French intensive techniques, antique roses, heirloom vegetables, alternative lawns, and a bedrock philosophy of working with-not against-the ecosystem, this illustrated organic gardener’s bible includes a 350-entry color plant guide and is written for all North American regions and hardiness zones.

Readers will learn how to feed the dirt, achieve good tilth, create and use compost. How to plant in contours, manage water, plant outdoors. How to work with plants that not only come back every year, but bloom early and long, smell great, and even provide a pleasing silhouette in winter. There are sections on tools and gear, grooming and deadheading, winterizing and ornamenting the garden; digging and planting; propagating garden plants from seed; the secrets of maintenance. Selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club’s Country Homes & Gardens Club, the Newbridge Garden Book Club, and the Rodale Book Club. Over 140,000 copies in print.The editors of the Smith & Hawken catalog have put together an excellent introduction to the art, practice, and enjoyment of gardening that will be of use to experienced gardeners and novice tillers alike. Like the catalog from which it springs, the book sometimes manages to be trendy and breathlessly traditional at the same time. But the prose is lively, the illustrations exact, and the photographs pleasing, and the book will look as good on your coffee table as it will propped up next to your hydrangeas. On second thought, better get two: the hardback for the coffee table and the soft cover for the garden.

Gardener Detachable Tool Bag / Folding Stool Botanica – Picnic Time #542-93-550

  • Perfect For Everyday Gardening Jobs.
  • Includes 5 Popular Garden Tools And A Detachable Storage Section.
  • Two Zippered Openings, One On The Backside & One On The Top.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty From Picnic Time.

This Gardener Detachable Tool Bag / Folding Stool Botanica – Picnic Time #542-93-550 is one of our most popular items. If you love gardening then this is a must! It is a polyester folding chair with steel frame. Includes 5 popular garden tools and a detachable storage bag. The unique and innovative Gardener is an ideal tool to use in your garden. With the sturdy stool and the durable detachable bag and tools, this item will become the focal point of any gardener’s tool accessory. The detachable bag allows for multiple uses and creates a convenient storage compartment when needed. Includes: 1 Trowel, Spade, 1 Weeder, 1 Hand Held Rake, 1 Garden Fork, 1 Stool, Detachable Carry Case

Picnic Time is famous for developing innovative and practical leisure products that inspire us to spend quality time with family & friends. Over the years, their line has evolved far beyond the picnic basket, but one thing remains constant: their commitment to customer service. So not only do you get a quality product, but a company that stands behind it with a limited, lifetime warranty. Enjoy life a bit!

Size: 14 x 3 x 17.5 Inches — Color: Botanica Collection

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