Painting Garden Decor with Donna Dewberry (Decorative Painting)

Painting Garden Decor with Donna Dewberry (Decorative Painting)

Renowned decorative painter Donna Dewberry shows readers how to transform a variety of deck, porch and patio furnishings into truly lovely garden décor.

She provides guidelines for materials, surface preparation and basic painting techniques, then puts it all together in 15 easy-to-master, step-by-step projects that incorporate Donna’s popular One Stroke method of painting. Projects include: • Painted flowerpots, birdbaths and a garden gate • Stepping stones and garden ornaments • Garden benches, a mailbox cutout and a painted trash can • A gazing ball and watering can

Donna also encourages readers to tap into their creative imaginations, stretch their artistic abilities and paint original creations all their own!

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