Nelson Rainscapes Lawn Watering System 50182

Nelson Rainscapes Lawn Watering System 50182

  • Helps manage how much water you use
  • Simple to assemble
  • Sprinkler designed for watering narrow lawn strip
  • Designed for hard to water odd-shaped areas
  • Easy set up and storage

With many areas experiencing drought-like conditions, managing water has taken on a new significance. RainScapes Watering Systems help you use your water wisely. Not only are the RainScapes systems miserly with water, they are simple to assemble and include everything you need to easily and effectively keep your plants healthy and happy. Sprinkler kit includes 2-15 foot sections of � inch reinforced garden hose with plastic couplings, 3 sprinkler heads with fold out spikes, each sprinkler head has 4 spray patterns with coverage area adjustment from 6 feet to 30 feet: 6ft x 15 ft, 6 ft x 30 ft, 15 ft x 30 ft and 30 ft x 30 ft.

Gilmour Turbine Rotor Sprinkler With Sled Base 200SPB

  • Multi-stream nozzle provides even coverage
  • Easily adjusts to cover a full or partial circle
  • Super quiet water driven turbine motor for extra-long life
  • Inpact resistant, rustproof polymer construction
  • Water coverage up to 4000 sq. ft.

Turbine rotor sprinklers offer coverage of up to 4000 sq. ft. and a multi stream nozzle that provides even coverage. The rotor head features a super quiet water driven turbine motor for full or partial circle coverage up to 70 ft. diameter. Works at water pressures ranging from 15 PSI to 150 PSI and is made of an impact resistant, rustproof polymer with a flow through sled base.

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