Master Craft Eight-Piece Garden Tool and Tote Set Reviews

Master Craft Eight-Piece Garden Tool and Tote Set

  • Eight-piece garden tool set with attractive canvas tote
  • Everything you need for your landscaping projects
  • Easily transport tools from project to project

This master craft eight-piece garden tool and tote set includes everything you need for those gardening and landscaping projects. The garden tools fit conveniently in the attractive canvas tote so you can easily transport your tools as needed. The eight-piece set includes: 8-inch by-pass pruner with black finished blades and aluminum handle, 12-1/2-inch fixed blade grass shear with black finished blades, 4-piece chrome plated steel digging tools with lacquered hardwood handles: 10-1/2-inch trowel, 10-3/4-inch transplanter, 8-1/2-inch cultivator, 12-inch weeder, 20 meter green vinyl coated twist tie wire with reel and cutter. The canvas tote is constructed of heavy weight cotton with pockets and elastic straps to store and secure the tools. Item #ga2027t-ph

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