Instapark® 5 Head Solar Pump Garden Fountain Pond Water Feature

Instapark® 5 Head Solar Pump Garden Fountain Pond Water Feature

  • No electricity needed just the sun
  • 1W solar panel
  • Water lift height: 18 inches
  • Water flow capacity: 210 L / h
  • Cable length: 10 feet

Solar Fountain Pump

Let the sun power your garden or pond fountain…no need for extension cords!

If you want to add a fountain to your bird bath or pond, or switch from your existing electric pump, don’t call an electrician. These powerful, compact, solar-powered pumps are easy to set up yourself. Both feature a separate solar panel that you stake into the ground where sunlight is most accessible; angle can be adjusted for optimum exposure. 10 feet long cord and three spray nozzles included.

Manufactured by Instapark.

Sunterra 300309 Submersible Light Kit for Water Gardens, Three Lights with Transformer, Black

  • Low Voltage Lights are fully Submersible in Water to add effects to a Pond or Water Garden
  • Includes 3 Lights and 12 Colored Lenses as Options to Color the Lights in the Pond
  • Includes a Transformer
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Adapter is UL Listed

People are now choosing to use light and different effects as a form of expression and decoration in their water gardens or ponds. With decorative accessories you can further personalize and enjoy you water garden. The Sunterra Submersible Light Kit allows you to illuminate and accentuate your pond at night. This light kit includes there submersible low voltage lights, a transformer and 12 color lenses. Three lights allow you to place accents in several places in the water garden. Twelve color lenses allows you to change the color and have several colors highlighted in your pond at any given time. The adaptor is UL listed and the lights have a one year warranty.

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