Gilmour 20 Gallon Lawn Sprayer 390 Teal/White

Gilmour 20 Gallon Lawn Sprayer 390 Teal/White

  • Continuous siphoning at fixed rate (1-1/2 oz. per gallon)
  • Fingertip on/off control
  • Durable chemical resistant rustproof polymer construction
  • Made in USA.

Gilmour’s quality made hose end lawn sprayer sprays up to 20 gallons of finished spray.A deceptively simple device for an otherwise difficult task, Gilmour’s 20-gallon insecticide sprayer looks a lot like a regular water bottle with a slightly complicated head. The process is simple: add the prescribed amount of chemicals and dilute with water, mixing well. Attach the included straw to the sprayer head, the sprayer head to a garden hose with the control valve turned to “off,” and the deflector to the can’s nozzle for a fan spray. Then turn the hose on, push the valve open, and spray away. The drawbacks? The plastic head is not nearly as sturdy as your usual hose sprayer head and is liable to break eventually, and the dilution is left to you instead of automated with a dial. Be sure to clean the sprayer after each use to prevent contamination between different chemicals; store out of the reach of children.

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