Fiskars 7870 Uproot Lawn and Garden Weeder & FREE MINI TOOL BOX ml

Fiskars 7870 Uproot Lawn and Garden Weeder & FREE MINI TOOL BOX ml

  • Arthritis Foundation ease-of-use commendation
  • Four durable stainless steel serrated claws
  • No bending, kneeling, or chemicals to use
  • Mess-free eject feature
  • Lightweight aluminum shaft

Fiskars’ stand-up weeder makes it easy to remove invasive plants from your lawn without kneeling, bending over, or using harsh, costly herbicide. Serrated, stainless-steel claws penetrate tough soil to grab weeds by the root for clean removal, and an easy-eject mechanism on the handle clears the head between uses. An extra-long handle helps you reach every weed without sore knees from kneeling or back strain from bending.

Ideal for removing dandelions, thistles, and other invasive weeds without sore knees from kneeling, back strain from bending, or harsh, costly herbicide
Serrated, stainless-steel claws firmly grab weeds and roots for clean removal
Foot platform makes it easy to step down and maximize force to penetrate tough soil
Easy-eject mechanism on the handle clears tool without forcing you to bend over and remove it by hand
Long handle makes weeding easy for anyone who has trouble kneeling or bending

Comes with a Free Mini Tool Box!

Great for storing any miscellaneous items or your spare change.
Overall dimensions: 4 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ x 2 3/4″

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