Black & Decker SSC1000 7.2-Volt Interchangeable Cordless Electric Shear/Shrubber

Black & Decker SSC1000 7.2-Volt Interchangeable Cordless Electric Shear/Shrubber

  • Cordless grass shear/shrubber with two interchangeable blade options depending on user preference
  • 7.2-volt rechargeable battery gives users up to 30 minutes of continuous run time
  • Hardened blades stay sharp after multiple uses
  • Ergonomically shaped tool provides a comfortable and secure grip
  • Includes grass shear and shrubber interchangeable blades

Includes 7.2V Cordless Shear – Shrubber – SSC1000, 4-in Grass Shear Blade Cartridge, 6-in Detail Shrubber Blade Cartridge, Overnight Charger, Wall Mount Charging and Storage BracketThe Black & Decker 7.2-volt interchangeable cordless shear/shrubber is a combination tool featuring an interchangeable blade system which allows easy conversion from a grass shear to a detail shrubber for maximum convenience and versatility. The 7.2-volt rechargeable battery gives you cordless freedom of movement with more power and longer run-time; on a full charge the battery provides up to 30 minutes of sustained use and the external battery charger plugs easily into any household outlet. Both the 4-inch shear blade and the 6-inch shrubber blade are made from precision sharpened steel for durability and cleaner, faster cuts. Weighing just over 2 pounds, this tool is lightweight with an ergonomic design to give you better control and less fatigue while trimming. This shear and shrubber can be used with an optional extension handle (sold separately) for longer reach and versatility. This product is backed by a full 2-year warranty.Black & Decker’s Interchangeable Grass Shear/Shrubber is a lightweight, cordless tool that provides users with two separate blade options depending on their gardening needs. The grass shear works best for trimming thin greenery and the shrubber provides efficient cutting action for thicker, heartier vegetation thinning. This ergonomically shaped tool runs on a rechargeable 7.2-volt battery that provides up to 30 minutes of continuous activity. Other features include ground-hardened blades that stay sharp through multiple uses and provide a controlled movement to keep trimmings right where they’re cut.

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