Automatic Electric Robomower Robot Lawn Mower Green

Automatic Electric Robomower Robot Lawn Mower Green

  • The robot lawn mower, also known as an electric robomower, is used for automatically cutting your grass lawn.
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Main Function: Robot Lawn Mower (Automatic Electric Robomower)
Important Product Points: See FAQ below
Body Construction: Major components = Molded ABS body, pressure sensitive front bumper, two castor style front wheels, large traction grip rear wheels
Control: Fully automatic or remote control
Movement: 360 degrees, up to 30 degrees slope
Blades: Two – each is 14cm long
Cutting Height: approx 4cm (1.6″)
Onboard Switches
– Fuse
– Charge Connection
– Power Light
– Key Input
– Rain Sensor
Blade Speed: 6000 RPM’s
Power Source: Built-in electric battery
Battery Life: approx 1/2 acre
Dimensions: 560mm x 510mm x 250mm (L x W x D)
Manufacturer Ref: DD16ACD6BFEE
Catalog Ref: Automatic Lawn Care Product
Other Features

Quiet electric powered mower – good for the environment and saves money since you do not need to buy gas.

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