Atlantic Pro Series Skimmers for Large Ponds: PS9500

Atlantic Pro Series Skimmers for Large Ponds: PS9500

  • Rigid Skimmer basket makes cleaning easy – just empty and rinse with a hose
  • Unique weir design improves skimming action, preventing fish from entering skimmer enclosure
  • Skimmer enclosure houses and hides the pump, extra wide basket and filter mat mean less maintenance
  • Cross flow design makes pump access/removal easy, prefilters preventing pump clogs and loss of water flow
  • This is the Pro-Series which includes the brushes for easier maintenance

“Super Flow Weir Doors for Maximum Surface Cleaning! Heavy-duty, stainless steel framed trap nets to catch large debris like leaves and grass. Filtration Mat or Brush Panel for Pond Mechanical Filtration. Designed to be easily camouflaged with natural materials and Aquatic Plants. Rugged high-molecular weight Polyethylene shell with Life Time Warranty. Each unit includes removable lid, net, brush kit(s) or basket, and silicone. ”

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