3.8L 12V Mini DC submersible Water Oil Pump for CPU Cooling Small Pond or HHO System

3.8L 12V Mini DC submersible Water Oil Pump for CPU Cooling Small Pond or HHO System

  • Brushless motor: generate no electric spark
  • Quiet:noise less than 30dB
  • Quality built: 20,000hrs
  • Lower consumption: 500mA@12V
  • Light weight: 4oz

This is a high quality made, mini submersiblewater pump. It’s built by a brushless motor providing smooth and quiet operation than a non-brushless water pump. Plus,it will not generate ‘electric spark’ like what a brush type does so it’s more safe. It can be used to pump oil as well (no gasoline*)

Input: 9V-12VOutput: 3.8L/m Range: 2.5M (8ft horizon) @12V
Current: 500mA@12V
Intake: 13.8mm/9mm Dia.
Outlet: 7.2mm/5mm Dia.
Life span: > 20,000hrs@ 1600rpm~4200rpm
Noise: << 30dB
Working Temp: 70’C
Envir Temp: <40'C
Size(L*W*D): 2.36″x1.3″x1.6″ (59mm X 33mm X 41mm)
Weight (net): 5.0oz

Warning: Do not run dry!

CNZ 9 Watts G23 Base UV-C Germicidal Ultraviolet Light Bulb QTY 2

  • Length – Inches: 6.50
  • Bulb life 8000 hours
  • Base: G23
  • Number of Metal Pins: 2
  • Watts: 9

9 Watt UV Light Bulbs are PL style lamp with G23 base and is a low-pressure hot cathode germicidal ultraviolet (UVC) mercury arc lamps that is most effective tool for eliminating microorganisms such as virus, bacteria, algae, mold and yeast in the air and impurities in water. 9 Watt UV Light Bulbs are sed in air and water purifiers and also used in ponds and aquariums to clean the water and reduce the algae which forms. 9 Watt UV Light Bulbs are rated for 8,000 hours of normal usage. For optimal performance, replace the bulb in your Ultraviolet (UV) device every year even if it continues to light, as over time the bulbs will lose their effective germicidal light spectrum.

Replacement cross-reference: Purely PUVH2309; Alpine PLFU9; Aqua Medic – Helix Max; Beckett – Medium Biological & UV Filter, Pond Filter PBF3000, PBF750 Medium Biological Pond Filter; Cal Pump – Biofilter BF1000, U.V. Clarifier UV9; Clear Stream – 1200 Filter UV; Commodity Axis – ViaAqua Terminator UV Sterlizer; Coralife – Turbo-Twist UV Pond Clarifiers, Turbo-Twist UV Sterilizers; Custom SeaLife – 9X Double Helix Sterlizer; ESU Pondlife – Turbo-Twist 3X UV Pond Clarifier; Fish Mate – 2000 Pressurized UV+Bio Pond Filter AN266, 1000 Pressurized UV+Bio Pond filter AN265; Garden Treasures UV Pond Clarifier manufacturer UV9, Bullfrog UV Clarifier (Lowes 248374) manufacturer UVBF; Germ Guardian – UV-C Room Air Sanitizer; Hozelock Cyprio – EasyClear 1000 UVC 1328, Ecoclear UVC 1327, Vorton 1000, Vorton 4000, Vorton 2000; Jebao CF10, CF20, PF10, PF20 OASE – Filtoclear Pressurized Biological Filters; Models 800, 1600, 3000, 4000; Pet Mate – Fish Mate 2000 Pressurized UV + Bio Pond Filter, Fish Mate 1000 Pressurized UV + Bio Pond Filter; Pontec – Bio-MechanicalFilter BMF 1600, Bio-Mechanical Filter BMF 3200; Secure Air – 1200 UV Air Purifier; SmartPond – 700 GPH Pond Pump with UV, UV Pond Filter #PBF1200UV; Sunterra – Pond BioFilter 300207; Tetra Pond – 9 watt GreenFree UV Clarifier UV1

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